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How Do you Treat Environment around You?


There is no better way or a fancy way to put than just to say, we are all products of nature. We need to have this in mind: Nature does not need us, we need it! We are what nature gave us, we eat what nature offers and we make choices based on what nature presents to us. One of those choices we have to make is whether to make or break what nature has given us. We have to choose whether to use or misuse what nature has offered us and we have to live the life that nature allows us. The options are wide and far-fetched. All we need is a considerate brain. http

A pristine forest offers its ecosystem services at full potential, therefore, treating it as a necessity to our livelihood gives us an extra hour in our life. Even with all that we have, all that nature offers, we are not bonding with it but just connecting! There’s a spiritual connection between man and wildlife, an emotional connection and economic connection. However, establishing a bond and feeling what nature asks us to give back is a paramount step towards respecting nature.

An artificial forest in Kenya. Photo by Benson M. Maina


Nature freely offers water, we have instead diverted the rivers and streams to satisfy our selfish desires. It gives us good arable land with a self-replenishing mechanism we have made a u-turn feeding her with industrial fertilizer. Nature gives us trees, a scanty resource to use for shelter for both man and wildlife. Instead of protecting them, we have lost many to develop infrastructure and sustain the increasing population. There is lots of research on lowering infant mortality among humans but none on wildlife.

With the clearing of forests and industrializing production, planet earth, which is our HOME, is suffocating. We are all trapped in a locked car on a hot day and time is running out to help yourselves out of the miserable situation. It is getting hotter globally, there’s no sufficient and clean air, river sources are drying, glaciers are melting and biodiversity is slowly decreasing. Nature is reaching its breaking point and its ecosystem can no longer sustain itself.

Wildlife, Forests

Flagship species of wildlife are all suffering and their populations going down. There is a biological indicator out there that something is wrong but humans are taking it for granted. Even with the need to increase forest cover, a crop up of real estate firms is now exploiting wildlife areas and developing residential structures. The massive fencing to protect humans from wildlife has drawn a thick line of separation between man and wildlife. This has locked out all wildlife migration corridors. The feeding range reduced and the breeding range is no longer available.

Our forests are suffering, we have harvested trees for charcoal, poles for building and timber for commercial purposes. Clearing forests to grow crops that we end up wasting. Man has literally become a destroyer instead of a custodian of the environment.

Biblically, and even in the Quran, animals were first. In the history of evolution, animals evolved long before man. They donated part of their residence to us humans and wanted us to coexist peacefully and bond.

A warthog going about her business in the wild! Photo By Silas Ekesa

It is time for the government to regulate real estate firms and protect wildlife areas. Fragmentation and fencing of land are pushing wildlife far and farther away leading to an unstable ecosystem and consequently massive loss of biodiversity.

It is time to stand up, connect and bond with nature!

Written and Compiled by Silas Ekesa, WCK, Mombasa

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