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Kenya’s Endangered Trees


We all know of endangered animals. Apparently, there are trees that are going to extinct. Kenya has over 25,000 animal species, 7000 plant species, and 2000 fungi and bacteria in Kenya. Kenya put a moratorium on forests in 2018.

The Sandalwood

Sandalwood is one of the endangered species in Kenya. It is commonly in the parts of Northern Kenya, Baringo, and Kajiado counties. Kenya. Sandal wood has a number of uses.

Its oil has a woodsy, sweet smell and hence frequently used as a base for products such as incense, perfumes, cosmetics, and aftershave.

The tree makes to the list of endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Kenyan government put a ban on the use of this endangered species, restricting its distribution countrywide. If arrested in possession without a license, you will get a jail term or a heavy fine. Kenya Forest Service, the only designated authority to managing sandalwood. The tree takes up to 30 years to mature. To grow sandalwood seedlings you propagate, making it a nightmare to reproduce it.

Image result for sandalwood tree
Sandalwood Plantation, and engendered species. . Photo Courtesy

The Cedar

Cedar trees fallon the list of endangered tree species. It is used for building and fencing. It is one of the best-known softwood. In 2018, the government imposed a ban on cedar making it illegal to cut or use the wood from the tree. Cedar depending on the condition of the soil takes between 10 and 20 years to mature.

Image result for cedar tree plantation in kenya
Western Red Cedar, an endangered species.

The Mangrove

The Mangrove tree found at the shores of the Kenyan Coast. It is depletion is alarming. This prompted its ban. The mangrove forest is home to a number of marine life, from the fish, crab, shrimp, to mollusk species. By extension, these fishery is an essential source of food for thousands of people along the coast worldwide. Mangrove acts as a barrier between the oceans and inland controlling soil erosion.

A mangrove tree, an endangered spices. Photo Courtesy

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