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The Poor State of Mtopanga River

The Poor State of Mtopanga River

The Poor State of Mtopanga River

The Poor State of Mtopanga River due to poor waste management and human activities. Its sad to note that almost all rivers that pass through human settlements, are vulnerable to pollution.

Mtopanga River

It is one of the rivers that drains into the Indian Ocean, flowing all that way from Mtopanga Estate.

Being a seasonal river, it fully flows into the ocean during heavy rainy seasons. And during our last visit, it was short few meters into the ocean. But in a very terrible state.

You could be able to see clearly that it was contaminated by sewage discharge. Looked dirty and with huge amounts of waste. Which included used diaper, plastics, clothes, nets, etc.

People living along Mtopanga river carelessly disposing of their waste

As we were surveying the river on the appropriate spots to place a net that may help trap the waste before it gets to the ocean. We made stops at various points and we were rudely shocked on how this river was being used like a dump site.

There was this high end estate that had beautiful apartments, but unfortunately. Them too disposed of their waste into the river. There were several points that you could tell people had already marked them as the waste disposal point.

These waste added up to the one that was coming from the Mtopanga Estate and sewage lines that had been directed to this river.

Making it not only dangerous to the Ocean and its habitats, but to people beside it.

It reminded us of our problematic Nairobi river that never gets clean despite years of cleaning. Since the residents somehow refused to treat it as a river and not a moving trash collector.

It all starts with you and me

Rivers and other water bodies are vital natural source for water we need. We need to treat them with respect and ensure that everyone, both upstream and downstream, healthy benefit from it.

Having a river passing by your neighbourhood, is a bleesing. You can be able to benefit alot if we accord them care and respect they deserve.

Clean rivers attract life under water. You will be able to enjoy access to clean water, fish and other food in some cases, etc.. But only if we maintain cleanliness in them.

Ensure you don’t dispose of any waste to them. and advise your neighbour to do the same. By educating others on the importance of conserving and nurturing our environment, we will be able to enjoy our nature as a community. Nature has a lot to offer, but it needs waste to be completely out of picture.


Before you destroy any water body, think of the other person in the other side and life under water.

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