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Are we Doing it Wrong?

Are we Doing it Wrong?

Are we Doing it Wrong?

Are we Doing it Wrong? We have been having numerous tree planting campaigns in our country each year. But the results not yet reflecting in our forest cover percentage. We are still yet to attain the desired forest cover.

Is tree planting campaigns turned out to be a PR building system for our companies?

More and more companies are coming out to support groups and initiatives dedicated to tree planting. They offer support in buying seedlings and even having their employees participate in the activities.

Sadly, most of them go this far. They don’t find time or reason to follow up and ensure that these seedlings actually grow. And replace the seedlings that may have died. They simply ignore the seedlings immediately they plant them.

So, what’s the point of going through all these troubles? Only to leave them to die. Posting on-line of the event, or donating money for the cause. Is not enough in growing our forest cover.

You need to pull up your socks and do something about these.

Stop quoting the number of trees you have planted, tell us how many have grown.

We conservationists are happy to tell you the big numbers of trees we have planted so far. But have you heard any of us quote, how many of those actually grew to maturity?

Its sad that we only do the easy and first steps. And neglect the crucial and important steps in the spirit of increasing forest cover.

It will be very productive to plant few trees that you can actually manage and ensure they mature. Than plant millions of them, that just live to see few days after being planted.

We are losing our own battle. The point is not only planting trees, but planting and growing trees. Only then can we be able to have the desired forest cover.

Planting and growing trees is not a PR thing, but a commitment that mother nature needs us to be seriously about. It is wrong to use tree planting exercise in adversing yourself.

Taking seriously how important it is to plant the right indeginous tree species at the right place.


Next time you are in an event of planting trees, make a promise to both yourself and that seedlings to ensure that you do follow-up. Keep the promise and ensure your seedlings make it to maturity.

If we were doing these, am sure by now. Most parts of our country would be heavily forested. So its a gap that needs to be filled and strategy adjusted.

If you are not ready to support the whole process, don’t waste that seedlings. Leave it for someone else, who will do the full job.

Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.

Wangari Maathai

Article by Cheche Winnie, She advocates for Sustainable Living and Wildlife Conservation.

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  1. wray menzies

    Responsible tree planting,needs proper long-term suervision.When communities are educated into long-term mentality,so that future generations will regard the forest as their own investment,then ,and only then, will they value it as their asset .To this end, a system of documenting all partipants.,might
    be helpful.Comments please!

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