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The Environmental Journalism Society of Kenya


Environmental Journalism Society of Kenya was registered in 2011 by a group of students from the School of Journalism, University of Nairobi, led by Cyprian Ogoti. The Society draws her members from like-minded journalists, environmentalists, naturalists, and conservationists with a quest to confront the environmental challenges facing our home, planet earth.

Since 2011 the society has engaged in many projects in schools, churches, public spaces, government projects, social media.  The projects range from tree-growing, climate change awareness programs, under a tree conversation, to hikes, nature walks and basically programs that directly connect to nature.

The society is funded through contributions from members which is renewed annually. It also open to partnerships of like-minded organizations, companies, individuals, county governments and national government.

Environmental Journalism Society of Kenya’s mission is to use the works of environmental journalism (note you do not need to be a journalist) to provoke individuals, communities, institutions and organizations to act on environmental issues and problems facing the planet. And also to use works of journalism (films, journals, reports, documentaries, environmental news, environmental events) to promote harmony in the relationship between people and nature.

How do I become a member?

Subscribe to our website or
write to us or
call us at +254722123340.

Our social media pages are open to all. Let’s engage

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  1. ChecheWinnie

    A great society speaking up for the voiceless nature.👏👏👏 Thank you very much Cyprian Ogoti.

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