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Trees For Anniversaries Could help curb Climate Change

Silas Ekesa’ son, Sean, on 7th June 2019 turned 1 year old. He was excited to celebrate his first birthday. To champion climate change mitigation, Sean marked his birthday by planting a tree. To champion for this, Silas is urging parents out there to inspire their kids to plant trees on their birthday. AND to lead from front, on that day, Kids For The planet was launched. Kids for the Planet aims at planting 353,000 trees per day for every birthday celebrated.

Sean, 1 year old, assisted by his father and friends to grow his 1st tree. He will be growing trees every birthday


The inspiration for this project was drawn from the resolutions made at COP24 in Poland in 2018. According to the report, the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change found that the planet is already warming at 1°C. This calls for the urgent need to initiate projects that will limit global warming between 1°C and 1.5°C. According to UNICEF, there are 353,000 babies born around the world daily. If each and every child celebrates their birthday by planting a tree, it could take the world 7 to 8 years to reach 1 trillion trees. Some can give all and all can give some. Ours is to vitally defend forests, grow more trees and challenge corrupt business practices that endanger the state of our environment such as open burning of waste, fossil fuel burning, cutting down of forests etc.

Kenya’s forest cover is stuck somewhere between 5% and 7% and we only have 12 years left to hit a countrywide 10% forest cover according to the projection of Sustainable Development Goals.

Planting 1 trillion trees worldwide might cut down carbon emission by at least 25%. This way, it will be easier to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. A total of 55 trees (Afzelia quanzensis) were plated at Butterfly House in Mombasa next to Fort Jesus.

Sean with his parents and friends before planting the tree

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Plant at least a tree on each and every birthday of yourself or your child and post on our social media sites. Let us interact

Silas works with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, based in Mombasa.

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