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Conservation is not a career, but a calling. Yes, it’s one big calling that has both tears , joy and pain. You will have your heart broken several times. You will “hate” humans. You will have a big battle with your conscious when you fail to do something right by nature. You will have one hell of a journey.

So when you go to talks, and students are eager to know how they will get jobs in the conservation world.

They are full of energy and well informed, to enlighten our world about nature and wildlife. Until those doors start to be slammed at your face. You will get frustrated, and this where the serious passionate ones are separated from the ones who were not really into it.

One thing you have to understand is, we humans love it when we get it our way. So placing nature and wildlife before our needs. Will not be welcomed with open arms. People who you need their help in this, may decline to give you that help. Some will take you for a joke.

The secret is to not give up or give in to their evil needs.

Stay true to your calling and keep doing it right. You will lose many battles with organizations, governments and even family, but you will always win the battle with your conscious. You will have peace, knowing that you give it your all. Even if they refused to help you out the situations. They will remember you when things start to fall apart, and agree that it would have been wise to listen to you.

In Kenya, conservationists protested against building of SGR inside the park. Many saw them as people who hate development or had nothing important to do. Then few years later, the effects of SGR on wildlife lives is evident. They foresaw this and tried to warn the involved parties. Now we are slowly losing our park. If we listened to them, our wildlife would be safe. But here we are.

Just like everything nowadays, conservation too is filled with both bad and good politics.

Despite being a matter that directly affects our lives and survival. We still have power to effect it with dirty politics.

How do you destroy your own life due a few coins? How do you gamble other peoples’ future, for your evil gains? What will you tell your grand-kids about all the natural resources you helped to destroy?

So, as you prepare to be a conservationist. Call yourself a meeting and check if you are up to task. Research on who have already made it conservation.

Don’t concentrate much on their success, but on their journey. Get to know what it took for them to get where they are. And be ready for this fight.

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