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Planting Trees With Hilton Hotel

Planting Tree With Hilton Hotels

Planting Trees With Hilton Hotels

Planting Trees With Hilton Hotels. It is very encouraging to see people in hospitality sector, doing something to conserve the environment. It’s a key sector in our world, yet responsible for huge greenhouse emission gases. This is due to the activities involved and utilization of resources.

We planted 200 trees in the urban park of Nairobi CBD

Not one or two, or even 30, but 200 of them. They were of different variety , both exotic and indigenous species.

The Hilton employees took place in planting these trees. And they great at it. Fast learners and looked passionate about environment. This is exactly what we need in hospitality industry.

By spreading environment conservation awareness, among them. They will be able to work in a way that does not destroy our environment.

What makes me happy about Hilton

They have been involved in a project that made it possible to have a green tuk tuk. That used bio fuel which is been made from used cooking oil.

They are kicking out one use water bottles in their hotels. And embracing glass bottles. Hence joining the war against plastic pollution. This applies to other plastic utensils and straws.

When it comes of efficient energy utilization and cleanness. They have already been awarded and recognised by the regulatory bodies. Solar system is already functioning in their hotels.


Organizations and people are willing and ready to help conserve our environment. All they need, is to be pointed to the right direction. And they will do the right thing.

Planting and growing trees is quickly taking roots n our society. And used as a symbol of gratitude in our celebration.

More people are taking part in ensuring that trees are being planted in huge numbers across the planet.

It is also important in emphasizing the importance of planting the right tree species in the various locations. More indigenous trees should be grown.

Fruit trees should also be invested in urban settings, to help create a bond with the residents. It will allow people get involved with the growing process, and as they enjoy the fruits, able to appreciate the reward.

We hope to see more organizations, doing something to conserve our environment.

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