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Our urban parks need more fruit trees. Not only will it help to have green cities. But also help the city dwellers to have a closer connection with nature, especially trees.

Everyone loves fruits, and for you to have a fresh one. You must be near where they are grown. Before they are injected preservatives, stored for days and transportation processes. Making it not very fresh when it finally gets to you. The fruits in our supermarkets may be appealing to our eyes, but so fresh as we may think.

When you get an opportunity to eat a fruit that has just picked from its tree, is when you will appreciate sweetness in fresh fruits. What about having such opportunities within our cities?

Benefits of having fruit trees in our cities

They will help bring people close to nature. With the expectations of having fruits once the trees matures, people will be able to have a close relation with these trees. They will be waiting reward of their efforts through trees. Homeless and street family will have somewhere to enjoy fresh fruits for free.

Absorption of the carbon dioxide. Cities are green emitters of the greenhouse gases. Due to all the activities happening there. Trees absorbs CO2, so it will help to gives us oxygen in return. We will be able to enjoy fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

Shade. The sun can be really hot a times and no place to take shelter. The cars feels like ovens and hence gets really uncomfortable. With these trees, we can be able to enjoy shades and good smell that is produced by these trees.

Fruit trees give cities beauty. Everyone is attracted to beauty. With available natural beauty. It will go to an extent to boast people moods and morale , in the midst of the busy city life.

What to take note while planting the fruit trees

The tree sizes. It is important to know how high these trees will grow to. This will be important to ensure that they are convenient as per their locations. We can have dwarf trees that can allow even kids an opportunity to pick fruits for themselves. Or the higher ones that can end up having bigger coverage. Allowing more shade, more fruits, and more area under it.

Type of fruits. By this, we have to consider if the tree is self-pollinated, cross-pollinated or any option it may need. With that in mind, we should ensure we meet the requirements of the trees for its success.

Planting and growing indigenous species. Indigenous fruit trees will be able to survive any harsh conditions and manage to mature. With that, we can be able to have these trees grow and benefit the community for a long time.


Gone are the days, we only planted flowers in our cities. It’s time we incorporated fruit trees too. To help reduce on our negative human activities.

They will helps us not only have a conducive fresh environment, but be able to curb climate change.

Encourage your cities to grow more fruit trees.

Article by Cheche Winnie

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