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Hilton to Plant 100 trees to mark 100 years in Hospitality Industry at Nairobi Central Park

Hilton to mark 100 years of Hospitality by Planting 100 trees at the Nairobi Central Park on the 29th of May, 2019

Hilton to plant 100 trees to mark 100 years of Hospitality industry at the Nairobi Central Park on the 29th of May, 2019. Not only will they be celebrating the milestones they have achieved. They will be creating awareness on the need and possibility of having a functional urban park that involves live plants.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts are setting the pace for other hotels to follow. All of them should emulate this and make it possible to curb climate change. As we all know that hospitality, is one of the great contributors of several types of pollution.

Hospitality industry is a great contributor to climate change

  • Most of them throw away huge amounts of untouched food or left-overs, that end up in the landfill in tonnes. Leading to huge amounts of methane emissions.
  • Being places that we have evolved to go for take away. Most of these take away utensils are made of plastic. From straws, folks, spoon, plates, food containers, water bottles, etc.. All these only being used once and dumped into our environment.
  • The hotels also rarely embrace the 4 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

What makes Hilton Hotels and Resorts different?

It’s clear that they have learnt of their contributions towards environment degradation. And doing something about it.

In 2014, as they celebrated the recycling week between 17th and 21st of November. They partnered with the Technical University of Kenya to produce bio diesel from used cooking oil. Hilton Zoomer was the name given to the green fueled tuk tuk vehicle.

Hilton Zoomer was used to offer a ride in the city to some guest. Hence promoting awareness of the green energy.

In 2018, the Energy Regulatory Commission awarded the hotel a compliance certificate. This is after they managed to observe the Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations 2012. The hotel have installed solar water heating systems that meets 60% of its hot water requirements.

These are just samples of what these hotels are doing in protecting and taking care of our environment. They are taking care of their waste and resources, ensuring minimal negative to both the community and environment.


Taking care of our environment is a responsibility for everyone. Whether big or small. Everyone is needed to do their part.And with that, we can manage to not only save resources, but curb climate change.

Hilton hotels is leading the way, may the rest follow. Let us make our cities green , the fake plants ain’t attractive any more. We need some good fresh smells from plants as we enjoy the five star experience in these amazing hotels.

On 29th May of 2019, Hilton will add 100 trees to our Nairobi City Park. It’s our hope that they will ensure these trees make it to maturity. As we are advocating for planting and growing of trees.

To others in the hospitality industry, please borrow a leaf from the Hilton.

Congrats Hilton for helping to make Kenya greener.

By Cheche Winnie

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