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How Do you Treat Environment around You?

How Do you Treat Environment around You?

How Do you Treat Environment around You?

How Do you Treat Environment around You? From how you manage your waste and resources at your disposal. Other living organisms that may find themselves in your space. Or the ones you might have introduced to your circle.

Plants and Animals

Do you have pets? Or a backyard garden ? Or indoor plants?

Do you have any plants and animals in your space? If yes, what vaue do they add to your quality of life.

Not everyone has a space of plants and animals in their hearts. But it is not right to be mean to them, just because you don’t like them.

For those who have opened both their hearts and homes to plants and animals. They will testify that quality of life improves.

Nature is very important in our lives.

Resources management

How we use resources, especially the natural ones, is very vital. We are urged to ensure that we use them sustainably.

All our developments should be geared towards using the natural resources effectively. Considering other people in need of the same resources. As well as allowing nature sufficient time to regenerate what we extract, in cases for those resources that can be reproduced by mother nature.

It doesn’t have to involve a big group so as to act on resources management. But simple things at personal level.

Like not leaving our lights on when we are using them. Only buying what we need and can consume 100%. Disposing our waste correctly. Embracing the 4 Rs. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.


Our Environment and nature in whole play a vital role in our survival. It gives us resources needed for our developments and day to day activities.

These resources need to be exploited in a sustainable way. So as to be available for a long time.

No one should be left out because of their class, race, or anything. But all should be allowed equal chances while enjoying them.

Mother nature should be taken into consideration. And overexploitation eliminated.


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